Melatu Uche Okorie was born in Nigeria and came to Ireland seeking asylum. She spent eight and a half years in direct provision.

This experience led to her writing a series of short stories which were published as This Hostel Life by Skein Press. 

The book received critical acclaim and was well-received by readers for its powerful portrayal of the lives of female immigrants in Ireland, particularly those residing in direct provision centres. 

This Hostel Life delves into the complexities of the immigrant experience, touching upon issues of race, gender, displacement, and the struggle for belonging. Through her storytelling, Okorie sheds light on the resilience and strength of those navigating the precarious circumstances of their lives.

Melatu Uche Okorie's writing style is praised for its evocative prose and its ability to resonate with readers on a deep emotional level. Her work has been a significant contribution to the growing body of literature that explores the experiences of immigrants and marginalized communities.

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