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Research Themes

Tumour Microenvironments

The tumour microenvironment has emerged as a major determinant of tumour progression and patient response to therapy. Our work is revealing new insights into the complexity of tumour microenvironments and helping us to improve therapies for patients

The Cancer Genome

We focus on understanding the alterations found in cancer cells that dysregulate molecular mechanisms essential for protecting genomic integrity (such as DNA damage repair, apoptosis induction, cell cycle control) and integral to tumour cells. 

Lifestyle Biology and Cancer

The team utilises its expertise in muscle biology and lipid metabolism to study the underlying mechanisms which link exercise and diet to cancer growth and cancer survivorship

Infection in Cancer

Infection-associated malignancies account for significant cancer-related morbidity and mortality across the world. This theme addresses the biology of several oncogenic viruses and is developing new ways to combat them. 

Blood Cancers

Blood cancers are a major clinical theme within the Limerick DCRC with expertise in the study of the malignant lymphoma and the leukaemias