The Junior Health Sciences Academy works to create opportunities to support students who are interested in a career in health, as well as developing their leadership skills and health promotion knowledge.

Focus groups with transition year students in the Mid-West led to the creation of the “STEMI: Patient Journey” video, link below.

The students were very keen to see, in practise, the role of healthcare professionals and also the clinical setting.

It is an interactive video following the journey of a patient who experiences chest pain, through to their transfer via ambulance to University Hospital Limerick Cath Lab for  stenting of their artery, to the Coronary Care Unit and finally to cardiac rehab. The video has numerous information points, staff role information and course information on where to study. We see the journey from the perspective of the patient, the clinical staff he meets and the different roles the different healthcare professionals play in his recovery from a heart attack.

STEMI Virtual Patient Journey Video

This video was made possible by the funding we were awarded from the Q Exchange and all the staff who gave so generously of their time and expertise in University Hospital Limerick.

We hope you enjoy!