The Health Research Institue (HRI) is a cross-faculty institute that brings together researchers in UL and its partner institutions, with a focus on convergent and translational health research.

The HRI aims to conduct excellent research in order to enhance people’s health and well-being and transform the health environment for the population. Addressing these grand challenges requires collaboration across disciplines and sectors. This is why we are committed to supporting interdisciplinary research groups who work closely with our healthcare and industry partners. Our areas of research strength include Health Technologies, Lifestyle and Health, Health Services Delivery, and Patient and Public Involvement in Research.

Our areas of research strengths are represented by our Priority Research Areas and Underpinning Areas of Excellence.

Priority Research Areas



Physical Activity for Health

Food, Diet and Nutrition

Underpinning Areas of Excellence

Digital Technology and Advanced Data Analytics

Implementation Science

Participatory Health Research

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Clinical Research Support Unit

Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) is that part of the HRI dedicated to the support clinical research at a number of sites including the UL campus, UL Hospitals Group sites and primary community care health settings.  ‘Clinical research’ is defined as any health-related research that involves humans, their tissue(s) and/or their data. Such research will span all clinical disciplines and, in particular, interdisciplinary clinical research will be encouraged.

The CRSU maximises the impact of the research activities of the HRI by establishing partnerships with other institutions locally, nationally and internationally. Such partnerships include industry, philanthropic trusts, other academic institutions and healthcare providers, whether hospital or primary community care based.  The CRSU serves as the coordinating unit for UL led studies, single site or multi-site. In cases where UL is part of a multi-site project but is not the lead site, the CRSU acts as the link for the lead site, to engage with UL researchers and clinicians. In addition, the University of Limerick is a member of the HRB funded  Clinical Research Coordination Ireland consortium, which supports the academic institutions in Ireland in developing clinical research capacity.