Interprofessional education is an important part of preparing health sciences students for post-registration working in multi-disciplinary teams. It is generally considered that when healthcare professionals share aspects of their education, this will also result in improvements to patient care because the qualified professionals will communicate more effectively, and understand each others' roles more clearly. The Health Sciences Academy will provide an important focus for Inter-professional education. 

You can find out about some of our current inter-professional education initiatives here: 


The Health Fusion Team Challenge is an extracurricular competition for students from the health professions. It provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in teamwork and collaboration as they develop a management plan for a client with complex health needs.

Pioneered by academics from the University of British Columbia over 25 years ago, the Health Care Team Challenge was brought to Australia and developed by an interprofessional team of Queensland academics under the name of Health Fusion. In 2017, The University of Limerick became the first Irish University to host the HFTC. 

Building on the sucess the HFTC nationally, The Health Sciences Academy is delighted to host this event virtually. in March 2021.

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Health Sciences students from across disciplines, including dietetics, psychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, medicine and nursing and midwifery have worked together to explore their opportunities for inter-professional learning and have developed the University of Limerick Interdisciplinary Forum For Healthcare (ULIFH). The forum aims to facilitate collaboration between students and discussion between students from all disciplines via a programme of activities.


2021 Conference dates coming soon.

HSeLanD provides a central source of high-quality online training and learning and development opportunities that enable staff to develop new personal and professional skills, update and refresh existing skills and take responsibility for their own learning interventions.

There’s a broad range of online learning content and learning tools on HSeLanD:

  • Over 170 E-Learning programmes and resources. 50% have been developed as bespoke programmes using internal Health Service Subject Matter Experts.
  • Collaborative learning hubs to facilitate knowledge sharing between multidisciplinary groups.
  • e-Portfolio and personal development planning (PDP) workbook and tools and 360 competency assessment tools that allow users to plan their learning and development over time and recommends learning interventions.
  • Online management of Classroom learning/training and events to allow learners to register on live learning events in their organisation including scheduling and wait-listing to allow learners to register on live learning events in their organisation.

The Centre of Nursing and Midwifery Education supports the delivery of learning and training events, prioritised in accordance with available resources and service needs. These programmes are open to all UL Hospitals Group and Midwest Community Healthcare Organisation staff. Further details about the learning events available can be found here including application forms:…