For students arriving in Ireland on the official start date, we have made arrangements for transfers from Shannon Airport to Limerick University throughout the day, specifically designed to pick you up promptly upon your arrival and transport you directly to the university. It is worth noting that Limerick City is conveniently situated a mere 29 minutes away from Shannon International Airport. We highly recommend all students to book their flights to Shannon Airport from their respective home countries to ensure a smooth and efficient arrival process. We are committed to providing a seamless and welcoming experience as you begin your academic journey, and these airport transfers aim to facilitate your transition to Limerick University. Looking forward to your arrival and wishing you a successful and enriching time at the University of Limerick!

The program fee includes accommodation for the duration of the Summer School, starting from Wednesday, 29th of May, until Wednesday, 19th of June. Therefore, we kindly request all participants to plan their arrival and departure accordingly to align with these specified dates.

You can apply by completing the application form here.

We recommend budgeting between €600 and €800 for personal cost-of-living expenses, excluding accommodation and weekday breakfast & lunch (Monday to Friday). Please note that this amount is an approximate estimate and may vary based on individual student requirements and preferences.

The student will be accommodated in one of UL's seven student villages, providing a comfortable and conducive living environment. Each student will have their own private study bedroom, thoughtfully equipped with a spacious study desk, and will enjoy complimentary access to high-speed internet through the UL wired network. It's important to note that all accommodations offer private bedrooms and bathrooms alongside shared living spaces and kitchens, fostering a sense of community and convenience.

If you have a special request of who you want to live with you must email at least 4 weeks before the programme start date. While it is not guaranteed, we will do our best to accommodate all student requests.

All on-campus accommodations are fully equipped with comprehensive inventories, covering everything from essential items like pots, pans, pillows, and duvets to even providing a TV in the living room. Our aim is to anticipate and provide all the necessities, ensuring that you won't need to incur any additional expenses during your stay.

Convenient laundry facilities are available in your on-campus accommodation village, where you can easily wash and dry your laundry. To operate the machines, you can purchase tokens from the accommodation laundrettes or receptions. Additionally, washing detergent can be obtained either from the village shop (if applicable) or from a nearby local store.

As the duration of the summer school is less than 90 days, a visa is not required. Once you have successfully paid the program fee, you will receive an acceptance letter. We highly recommend that you carry this acceptance letter with you when arriving in the country through the airport.

No! During your entire stay, you will have full access to the Limerick University Library. Rest assured that faculty will not mandate you to purchase any books for your classes. The necessary course materials and resources will be readily available to support your academic pursuits.

Absolutely! Access to computers is readily available across the entire campus for your convenience. Furthermore, should you require printing services, you can find printing facilities conveniently located within the library premises.

We strongly encourage students to disclose any existing conditions and/or disabilities during the online application process. The Limerick University Summer School team is committed to making all reasonable adjustments to facilitate students' participation in the program. For those with specific needs, applicants can proactively reach out to to discuss their requirements before submitting their application. This proactive approach ensures that appropriate support and accommodations can be arranged to enhance the overall learning experience.

Yes. It is mandatory for all participants to possess valid medical/health insurance that covers the entire duration of the program. This requirement is essential both from Limerick University's perspective and in compliance with immigration regulations. Ensuring adequate medical coverage safeguards the well-being of participants during their time in the program and adheres to the necessary institutional and legal guidelines.

Upon successfully finishing the Summer School, your classwork and exams will undergo thorough evaluation and grading by our esteemed faculty. Subsequently, the results will be meticulously processed through the University's exams board. Copies of your transcripts and results will be sent directly to your home university, ensuring seamless integration with your academic records. For participants whose home university is not an official partner of Limerick University, the transcripts will be forwarded to the home address provided during the application submission. Transcripts are scheduled to be issued in mid-September, facilitating a timely dissemination of your academic achievements.

While we strive to accommodate all students in their first preference classes, it may not always be possible due to various factors. The successful running of classes depends on having an adequate number of enrolled students. Therefore, to ensure a smooth and efficient class allocation process, we kindly request that you indicate your first, second, and third preferences when selecting your courses. This approach will enhance the likelihood of securing your desired classes and contribute to a well-balanced and enriching learning experience for all participants.

In early May, students will receive a notification detailing the classes they have been assigned to, along with essential information regarding orientation and arrival logistics. This timely communication aims to ensure students are well-prepared for their upcoming academic journey and allows for a smooth transition into the Summer School programme.

If you have thoroughly reviewed the webpage and are unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to reach out to our team at We are dedicated to assisting you to the best of our abilities and will be more than happy to provide any necessary support and information.