Nestled on the serene banks of the picturesque River Shannon, Limerick beckons with its vibrant charm and cosmopolitan flair. This city boasts a tapestry of cultural richness, where ancient history intertwines seamlessly with the lively atmosphere. Whether immersing yourself in Limerick's storied past or indulging in its lively pubs, cafes, and restaurants, this enchanting city is bound to captivate your heart.
Limerick embraces multiculturalism, radiating warmth and hospitality to all who wander its streets. Safety is paramount, fostering a sense of ease as you navigate its inviting pathways. With convenient and frequent direct bus and train services connecting to Dublin, Cork, Galway, and other prominent urban centres across Ireland, Limerick stands as the perfect gateway to embark on an Irish exploration!
Ireland, situated just off Europe's western coast, offers an ideal location for students seeking to expand their horizons. The possibilities for enriching mini-break experiences abound, allowing you to venture beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary. Limerick serves as a springboard for those craving new adventures, beckoning students to embrace the wonders that lie beyond their academic pursuits

Activities and Events 

The International Summer School Programme offers a wide range of events and activities for students to partake in, led by UL student guides during the stay in UL. These vary from a battling it out through knowledge at Trivia Night, to exploring the River Shannon on Kayaks as the sun sets. These events are designed to show students Irish Culture and offer every type of student a fun experience

Student Guides 

Envisioning a truly immersive experience, the UL Student guides stand as steadfast companions, guiding and supporting you throughout the programme. As international students, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to connect with these local guides who are not only knowledgeable but also share a similar age bracket. This bond fosters an environment where you can freely seek guidance, ask questions, and receive advice from those who intimately understand the student perspective.
While maintaining professionalism, the student guides effortlessly infuse the group with a delightful dose of Irish culture and infectious fun. Their vibrant personalities and deep-rooted connections to Ireland ensure that your journey is not just academically enriching, but also a memorable exploration of lifelong friendships. Through shared experiences and interactions, you'll have the chance to forge connections that extend beyond the programme, transforming acquaintances into Irish friends for life

Tailored Meal Plan

Each student will get breakfast, lunch and dinner provided for them, Monday to Friday. Any dietary concerns a student may have will be met with an alternative meal that fits the students requirements


Students will have the opportunity to experience cultural and historical excursions including; Excursion 1: Echoes of the Past: A Journey through Limerick City & its Environs (Historic Excursion), Excursion 2: The Celtic Capital: Discovering Dublin (Urban Excursion), Excursion 3: A Wild Atlantic Adventure: Wandering Cliffs, Caves & Coasts (Nature Excursion)

Personal Growth

One of the important aspects of the Summer School experience is a better understanding of yourself. In a different culture, your current stances, attitudes, and beliefs will be tested. It will allow you to explore which ones are actually truly yours, allowing students to gain new perspectives and experiences. The Summer School offers this over a 3 week period, instead of the longer semester period


Ireland has one of the richest cultures in Europe, stretching over 5,000 years. Modern Ireland continues to pay homage to its past through traditional music, dance and the Irish language, among other cultural forms. The International Summer School programme at UL is perfect for any student wishing to delve into Irish Culture, with culture classes teaching you to play the Irish Tin-Whistles and Irish Dance during your stay.

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Student Testimonials

We love to hear feedback from our Summer School students about their time in UL and Ireland! You can see below what our students enjoyed most about the programme.

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