A large group of SDG Hackathon entries from UL
Monday, 20 November 2023

KBS is thrilled to share the exceptional results and accolades our MSc in Project Management students received in the recently concluded Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) Global Hackathon, organised by 12 Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapters across Europe in conjunction with universities in France, Italy, Poland, England, and Ireland. The feedback from the judges and the awards garnered by our students is a testament to their hard work, innovation, and dedication.

The judges expressed that they were "blown away by how well-crafted the initiatives were and how good they did in the presentations. Truly impressive!" This remarkable praise highlights the projects' quality and the students' effectiveness in getting their message across.

The awards covered a range of categories, from the impact and effectiveness of the solutions to the presentation and documentation skills. Each award signifies a unique strength and aspect of project management, and seeing our students excel in these diverse areas is incredibly rewarding. Here is an overview of the awarded projects and their solutions:


Most significant Impact AwardSmart Bites 🍏

They developed an app to analyse on-campus food offerings and provide education on healthy eating. This initiative aimed to influence the dietary habits of our campus community positively.

Best Use of Existing CapabilitiesEcoSip ♻️☕

Turning coffee waste into bioplastic for cups/straws! A fantastic example of the circular economy and waste reduction

Best DocumentationWellnexa 📱

Their skin cancer prevention app promises to be a beacon of hope in Health Technology. Kudos for their detailed documentation and user engagement strategy!

Quickest to Achieve the BenefitsUgly Foods 🥕🍏

This team’s campaign on edible yet 'ugly' produce reduces food waste and truly embodies the spirit of sustainable eating!

Best Relation between Effort and BenefitsTeam Forest ♻️🍾

Their wheel filtration system for river plastic removal shows that simple solutions can create significant impacts.

Best Use of External DataEcoBlue 🗑️📲

Smart Bins & ecoAPP is intended to revolutionise waste management on campus - a superb use of technology for Sustainable Campuses.

Best PresentationCarpUL 🚗

Their campus carpooling app idea wowed the judges. Sustainable travel has a new name!

Each of these projects addressed a specific sustainability challenge and demonstrated practical, scalable solutions that can be implemented in our communities and beyond. Our students' skills, ingenuity, and dedication is truly commendable. 🎉 A massive congratulations to all teams! Your projects are innovative and pave the way for a sustainable future. 🌱


 MSc in Project Management Students AY 23/24

Vedavyas Ananthuni

Venkat Sai Kris Andalam

Vishak Bangalore Raghu

Ulrik Barfelt

Michael Caulfield

Yangyang Chen

Valentin Chouzet

Gina Marie Del Barba

Ayushi Dongre

Eoin Donoghue

Edward Dunbar

Fernando Esquivel

Ryan Mounton Fernandes

Andre Florat-Kenzey

Shubham Gupta

Shivani Rajendr Jadhav

Hannah Keane

Karina Kotlara

Derrick Kusemererwa

Joel Bastyav Miranda

Audrey Murphy

Linh Nguyen

Daniels Nikolajevs

Brian MICHAEL O'Reilly

Sarah O’Rourke

Michael O’ Halloran

Rachelle Perraud

Phoebe Piper

Nidhi Prashanth

Elise Nicole Ma Rabot

Palak Rana

Alejandra Rojas

John Salmon

Aditya Vaingankar