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June 2021 KBS Research Bulletin - Shifting Arrays of a Kaleidoscope: The Orchestration of Relational Value Cocreation in Service Systems

Thu, 24 Jun 2021

Launching the June issue of the KBS Research Bulletin 2020/21 series featuring an article co-authored by Assistant Dean Research, Dr Deirdre O'Loughlin with colleagues Carol Kelleher, Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Johanna Gummerus, Hanken School of Economics, Finland and Lisa Peñaloza, KEDGE Business School, France.  Set within a family caring context, this study adopts a relational perspective to examine the interdependences between multiple actors in service systems and explores how this impacts both the coordination of value cocreation and wellbeing outcomes. Please see the link to the issue: KBS Bulletin June 2021.pdf

The KBS Research Bulletin series aims to make our research more readily accessible to a wide range of interested stakeholders and, in doing so, enhances the impact of excellent, evidence-based research on the society and economy in which we live and work. The bulletins are an important part of stakeholder engagement at the KBS. Their dissemination aligns with both the UL research focus on impactful research and the KBS strategic goals of cultivating excellence in research and contributing to our community of stakeholders in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

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