Date: Thursday, 27 June 2024 - Saturday, 29 June 2024
Contact: Tony Dundon -
Location: Limerick
SASE Conference events for Limerick 2024 – Limerick. For Dignified and Sustainable Economic Lives: Disrupting the Emotions, Politics, and Technologies of Neoliberalism

Planned Events:

Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Conference, Limerick 2024

University of Limerick: 27-29th June 2024. 2024 - Limerick - SASE

Early Career/PhD Workshop

Held on 26th June 2024, Early Career Workshop - SASE

In the wake of multiple social transformations, ruptures, and crises around the globe, the theme for the 2024 Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Meeting emphasises sources of hope, dignity, and sustainability in economic lives. It starts by envisioning the interplay of economy and society as entangled, in that economic systems and economic lives are both constrained and creatively engendered by social structures, power, culture, and also, crucially, by emotions and technologies. How can we use research on entangled economies to envision and enact a better world and improved lives?

We look for inspiration from a diverse group of researchers who are deeply engaged with, and understandably concerned about, the state of the world today. We invite you to join us for the SASE meeting in Limerick, Ireland, 27-29 June 2024, to offer visions and propose solutions that disrupt the emotions, politics, and technologies of neoliberalism, with a goal to foster greater dignity and sustainability in local and global communities.

Professor Tony Dundon and colleagues in the Department of Work & Employment Studies, Kemmy Business School, will be the local organising committee.

SASE was founded in 1989 by Professor Amitai Etzioni (Columbia University, and later advisor to Carter administration in US). For information, a recent obituary about Amitai Etzioni’s life.

SASE is an international interdisciplinary academic association with 20+ research networks across sociology, political economy, political science, heterodox economics, organisation studies, psychology, law and history. It seeks the exploration of economic behaviour and its policy implications at many levels – for societies and institutions – as well as the historical, philosophical, psychological, and ethical implications of these behaviours and policies.

It attracts between 1200-1500 delegates annually.

The theme for SASE 2024 is ‘Dignified and Sustainable Economic Lives: Disrupting the Emotions, Politics, and Technologies of Neoliberalism'

Previous conferences have been held in: Milan; New York; Chicago; Kyoto; Amsterdam and Rio.

Regular submissions for the 2024 will open mid-October 2023. See also SASE networks

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