Research Seminar Series 2018-2019

The Department of Economics seminars are held on Fridays at 2pm in KB1-11 (Economics Lab), First Floor, Kemmy Business School unless otherwise indicated

Date Speaker Title
25 January        Dr Davide Romelli
(Dept of Economics, Trinity College Dublin)
The Political Economy of Reforms in Central Bank Design: Evidence from a new Dataset
8 February Oana Peia
(University College Dublin)
Did bank lending stifle innovation in Europe during the Great Recession? (with Davide Romelli)
15 February  Jane Bourke
(University College Cork)
Innovating into trouble: When innovation leads to customer complaints
22 February Fergal McCann
(Central Bank of Ireland)
Information Monopolies and Monetary Policy Pass-Through
8 March  Ronan Lyons
(Trinity College Dublin)
Bullet or Magnet? Rail and Ireland's post-Famine Economic Development
15 March  Yota Deli
(University College Dublin)
Investment Tax Incentives and their Big Time-to-Build Fiscal Multiplier
29 March Dermot Leahy
(National University of Ireland Maynooth)
Thinking Inside The Box: Policies Towards Footloose R&D Intensive Firms
12 April Adnan Velic
(Technological University Dublin)
On Asymmetric Technical Change
Date Speaker Title
10 November Dr Aidan Kane
(Dept of Economics, National University of Ireland, Galway)
Identifying 19th century British and Irish steamships from a large database.
24 November Dr Aedin Doris
(Dept of Economics, National University of Ireland, Maynooth)
The effect of benefits cuts on youth unemployment.
1 December Barra Casey
(Senior Statistician, CSO, Cork)
Developing a new commercial property statistical system (CPSS) for Ireland.
16 March Dr Juan Martinez Covarrubias Ensuring rigorous and effective regional spatial and economic strategies in Ireland.
6 April Jasmina Behan
Head, Irish Government Economic & Evaluation Service (IGEES)
Irish Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES) and its role in supporting evidence based policy-making in Ireland.
20 April Dr Darragh Flannery & Dr Donal Palcic
(Dept of Economics, Kemmy Business School)
The impact of staff Erasmus mobility on academic performance.
Date Speaker Title
4 November Dr Darragh Flannery
(Dept of Economics, Kemmy Business School)
The determinants of secondary school attainment in Ireland: a distributional approach.
18 November Dr Declan Jordan
(School of Economics, Cork University Business School)
Spatial analysis of competitive performance: Evidence from English football 1993 to 2014.
24 November Dr Agustin Benetrix
(Dept of Economics, Trinity College Dublin)
International Currency Exposures, Valuation Effects and the Global Financial Crisis.
7 April Prof Jim Stewart
(School of Business, Trinity College Dublin)
MNE Tax Strategies and Ireland.
21 April Prof Philip Murphy
(Swansea University)
Changes in the UK public/private sector wage differential overtime and some preliminary finding on the effect of social capital measures on changes in total factor productivity and an individual measure of subjective wellbeing for the UK.
Date Speaker Title
16 October Prof Liam Delaney
(Scottish Institute for Research in Economics & University of Stirling)
Adolescent Psychological Distress, Unemployment, and the Great Recession: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Study of Youth 1997.
30 October Dr Stephen Kinsella
(Dept of Economics, Kemmy Business School)
Agent Based-Stock Flow Consistent Macroeconomics: Towards a Benchmark Model.
16 November Dr Philippe LeMay-Boucher
(Dept of Economics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
Indigenous Associations and Public Goods Provision: Experimental Evidence from grins in Mali.
2 March Senator Sean D. Barrett
(Seanad Eireann)
The Irish Banking Crisis - the inside Story.
16 March Declan Dineen & Dr Marta Zieba
(Dept of Economics, Kemmy Business School)
Determinants of Efficiency in Nursing Home Care Provision in Ireland.
1 April Dr Seamus McGuinness
(Research Professor, Economic and Social Research Institute)
Is there a role for Higher Education institutions for improving the quality of first employment.
8 April Sharon Walsh
(Dept of Economics, National University of Ireland Galway)
Student preferences for higher education institutions in Ireland: a discrete choice experiment.
20 April Dr William Addessi
(Dept of Economics, Kemmy Business School)
Preference Shifts in Multi-Sectoral Macroeconomic Models.
4 May Prof Jim Deegan
(Dept of Economics, Kemmy Business School)
Technological Change and the Labour Market: Some Implications for Policy.