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On Third Age Entrepreneurship: People, Product & Process

The issues related to an aging population have given rise to a recent global policy emphasis on opportunities for extending working life as a potential solution, and an increasing   focus centres on promoting entrepreneurship among older age cohorts or commonly referred to as Third Age Entrepreneurship. . While the benefits of third age entrepreneurship to individuals and the economy are acknowledged,  evidence suggests that older individuals are less likely to engage in entrepreneurial activity despite the fact that they are often considered to be more capable of starting and operating a business when compared with their younger counterparts. The reasons for this low uptake in third age entrepreneurship are not clear due to fragmented literature and policies, which hinders targeted support interventions. Research on third age entrepreneurship represents a relatively nascent area and this research will add value to existing research. It will do so by addressing research gaps in the areas of gaining a better understanding of third age entrepreneurs, assessment of the predictors of entrepreneurial behaviour amongst this cohort, evaluation of the type businesses they establish, and the unique process they follow in establishing their enterprises. .