Cliodhna Condon is a PhD candidate at the School of English, Irish, & Communication. Her research interests include the Tudor Monarchy, War of the Roses, Female Power/ Queenship, Material Culture & Portraiture. 

Project Title 

The Public and Private Lives of Royal Women in the Late-Medieval and Tudor Periods: Self-Representation and Interpretation of Agency, 

Project Description

This inter-disciplinary study focuses on Elizabeth Wydeville, Margaret Beaufort, Katherine of Aragon, and Anne Boleyn during key early Tudor moments.

It examines both contemporary and modern interpretations of female power to understand our approach to queenship within male contexts.

This project ultimately aims to analyse the gendered perspective we continue to place on monarchy or power.


Dr. Carrie Griffin


How Women Gave Legitimacy to the Tudor Dynasty – Kings & Queens 12: Royal Success(ion) run by Royal Studies Network in Uppsala University, Sweden (July 2023)

Were the Tudor Family Eligible to Inherit the Throne of England? – AHSS Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, UL (June 2022)

The Representation of Royal Women in the Tudor Period – Thesis-in-three, UL (April 2022

Lady Jane Grey: The Unlikely Heir – All Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research, UL (March 2019)

Professional Memberships

Royal Studies Network

Center for Early Modern Studies 

Society for Renaissance studies

Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland


Beginners’ Ecclesiastical Latin for Performing Plainchant, UL run by Dr Eleanor Giraud – achieved an A2

History of Royal Fashion, University of Glasgow & Historic Royal Palaces

The History of the Book in Early Modern Period: 1450-1800, Trinity College Dublin

Awards & Honours 

Conference Funding for Kings & Queens Conference, Sweden – issued by AHSS

Archival Research Trip to London - issued by AHSS

Best Conference Paper at the AHSS Annual Postgraduate Research Conference


Earenfight, Catherine of Aragon: Infanta of Spain, Queen of England book review in Royal Studies Journal (June 2023)

How Henry VIII’s Colourful Love Life Caused a Succession Mess – RTÉ Brainstorm (August 2022)

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