Belinda Oechsler is a PhD candidate at the School of English, Irish, & Communication. Her research interests include Techinal Communication & curriculum development. 

Project Title 

Curriculum development for new disciplines in the Global South - A case study of a pioneering study program in technical communication in Kenya.

Project Description

The research project focuses on the introduction of new degree programs in the Global South, with a particular emphasis on the development, implementation, and evaluation of the first master’s program in Technical Communication in Kenya. Through this case study, the project aims to examine the entire process, from curriculum development to student outcomes, and to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with introducing such programs in a Global South context


Dr. Yvonne Cleary & Prof. Sissi Closs



Curriculum Development for the First Technical Communication Study Program in Kenya: The Challenges of Digitalization, IEEE ProComm Conference 2023, USA/NY

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