50Voices/50Years is a year long project to capture the range of experience and insights in the UL community. Staff, students, alumni, researchers, industry partners - everyone has a unique take on what makes UL special. Each month, a new selection of voices will feature. Let us know what you think: fiftyyears@ul.ie


"It's been a wonderful experience ...my professors have done a wonderful job."

"We used to come down in the summer when we were off school to go swimming in front of Plassey House..."

"The University has inspired me to do more, and achieve more than I probably thought I could..."


"And it was great to have a thousand people laughing as opposed to being in stress in that area..."

"That took us to the higher level of participation in the college’s competitions, we weren’t allowed to participate with other universities prior to ‘89 ..."


"you hear people saying do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life well I never worked a day in my life..."

"Attending UL for me as a Limerick person it’s one of the proudest things I have done..."

"I made great friends here. I had a great time. It was a tiny, tiny institution..."

"UL gave me a lot of self-confidence which was not only education, but the self-confidence gave me a lot which helped me where I am..."


"They say UL is a place of firsts and I hope that it won’t be the last..."

"it showcased this the kind of work the PhD students are doing here as really you know absolutely top drawer and world class..."

"And you know having the river dividing both sides of campus its beautiful..."

"And we were told that there would be a university here some day. And indeed there was..."


"And great credit must go to people that changed a habit of a lifetime to do things differently..."


"Seeing how those students have progressed with the education that they got here into the real world as well..."

"And I think she was definitely, she came before her time, she was very open minded, very pro women..."


"I thought I died and gone to heaven, this is not like secondary school anymore, I’m an adult..."

"I’m proud always to have been the first woman in the Maths Department doing an undergraduate degree..."