Dino Carpentras



EHS Department/School you are affiliated to:

Department of Psychology

Fellowship Research Area:

Agent-based modelling for policy making

Research Leader:

Dr. Mike Quayle


What attracted you to the Succeed and Lead Fellowship?

I am a Marie Curie Individual Fellow working on connecting new cutting edge theoretical models (called Agent-Based Models) to empirical data and more classical fields, such as psychology and sociology. I have presented at international conferences (including Tokyo, Paris and San Francisco), published in high impact factor journals (max IF = 31), issued a worldwide patent and has secured for my research almost 1 million USD. I am also a coordinator for the Experimental Special Interest Group of the European Social Simulation Association.

Selected Publications

Laforest, T., Künzi, M., Kowalczuk, L., Carpentras, D. et al. (2020). Transscleral optical phase imaging of the human retina. Nature photonics, 14(7), 439-445.

Carpentras, D., Kulinsky, L., & Madou, M. (2015). A novel magnetic active valve for lab-on-CD technology. Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 24(5), 1322-1330.

Carpentras, D., Laforest, T., Künzi, M., & Moser, C. (2018). Effect of backscattering in phase contrast imaging of the retina. Optics express, 26(6), 6785-6795.