Shayon Bhattacharya is a lecturer in the Department of Physics in University of Limerick and researcher at the SSPC the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) National Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals. Shayon's current research involves developing and applying cutting-edge theoretical physics-based modelling and computer-assisted molecular design to provide design rules for re-engineering biomolecular complexes relevant for drug development and biophysics. He also models biomolecular assembly to functional nanostructures for design of diverse biomaterials and predict mechanism of biological assembly diseases, such as neurodegenerative disorders, which was also the focus of his doctoral thesis. Shayon collaborates with leading experimental and industry partners in SSPC, European Framework, Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland funded projects, actively leading or driving these multiple projects. He is also the module instructor for PH6021 - Predictive Biomolecular Modelling Tools and PH6051 - Advanced Biophysical Characterisation Techniques modules of the course MSc Bioprocessing in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. His YouTube Channel runs molecular modelling tutorial sessions for newbies.

2003-2007 BPharm BPUT, India / 2008-2010 MPharm NIPER, India / 2015-2019 PhD UL