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Script viewing will take place as follows:

EE, CE, ET, And ED Modules

BE students all years + Grad Dip Students
Time: By Appointment Only – Email to reserve Appointment no later than Friday 9th September.

Date: Tuesday 13th September 2022

BSc students all years + MEng Students

Time: By Appointment Only – Email to reserve Appointment no later than Friday 9th September.

Date: Wednesday 14th September 2022

Please ensure to email Caroline.Dalton@ul.ie to reserve your time slot along with the Application Form attached. Application forms must be submitted per module.


Welcome 1st year,

It is recommended that you have adequate computing available to you throughout your studies, normally this starts with a decent laptop.  Most of the software you will use is currently supported on the major operating systems (OSs) such as Windows, macOS or Unix/Linux based. However, the operating system supported at UL is Windows with only limited support for others. 

If buying a Windows laptop, the minimal recommended specifications for a mid-range laptop are:  


Recommended minimum:


14in High Definition (1920X1080)  Full HD


Intel® 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 or equivalent



Secondary storage

256GB Solid State Drive

Operating System

Windows 10 Home 64bit


A lower specified machine will suffice at the start of your studies e.g. i3 processor/8GB memory/HD display, but usability and performance may become issues.

We do not recommend a particular laptop or manufacturer.  However, the Higher Education Authority have worked with suppliers to make package deals available for students on their HEAnet Store.  To explore, first navigate to the HEAnet Store University of Limerick as the home organisation page, and login with your UL login (required). 

Dell is the preferred supplier for Windows laptops and if you click on one of the Dell offerings you will be brought to the Dell store, where again you will be required to login or to register.

One Dell laptop that can be configured to satisfy the above specification is the Dell Latitude 5420 (increase the memory to 16GB, select a full HD screen either touch or non-touch, and obey instructions about OS if an error occurs).  Prices are displayed excluding VAT (23%), but the final price which includes a very attractive 5-year warranty is about €800 including VAT (September 2021 with an estimated 5-week lead time).

 Another listed laptop, the Dell Latitude 3410 is upgradeable to i5/16GB/512GB/5yr (€870 VAT included), the HD screen isn’t and hence it’s not recommended. 

A much more powerful laptop is the Dell Mobile Precision Workstation 3561 (€1460), the cost is difficult to justify at the outset, and you may consider similar after Cooperative Education.

Finally, for improved ergonomics and more effective working, you should consider purchasing a case, a monitor (at least 21” in size with minimum full HD resolution), and an external keyboard and mouse.

We encourage you to get familiar with computer specifications before purchasing and to shop around.

Best of luck on your selection.   


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