Professional, Statutory and Regulatory (PSRB) accreditation

The University has a number of programmes, schools and institutes which are accredited by a wide range of Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).

The PRSB accreditation policy is available on the University's official policy Hub.

While acknowledging the Universities obligations with regard to quality assurance of it programmes the purpose of the (PSRB) accreditation policy is to enable alignment where possible, the Universities internal quality assurance procedures with external accreditation activities, thus reducing any unnecessary duplication of effort.

It sets out the circumstances in which programme or School level accreditation may be sought.

This policy will also enable the University to provide accurate information to students, prospective students and other stakeholders on its relationships with PSRBs.

The scope of this policy relates to all programmes/schools/institutes of the University that have a formal relationship with any PSRB as defined above.