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Research Team

The Arthritis Research Limerick (ARL) team has conducted research in arthritis and physical activity for over ten years. The team are interested in physical activity, health behaviours, sleep and implementation of interventions in rheumatology. The research team have developed partnerships with the Rheumatology team at University Hospitals Limerick and have strong links with Arthritis Ireland, the patient support organisation.

Prof Norelee Kennedy

The Arthritis Research Limerick is led by Prof. Norelee Kennedy, Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at the School of Allied Health at the University of Limerick.

Read more about Prof Norelee Kennedy on the School of Allied Health Website and on ResearchGate

Dr Louise Larkin

Dr. Louise Larkin is a co-applicant on the PIPPRA project.

Read more about Dr Louise Larkin on the School of Allied Health website and on ResearchGate

Dr Alexander Fraser

Dr. Alexander Fraser is a Consultant Rheumatologist at University Hospitals Limerick.

    Ms  Anusha Moses

      Anusha Moses is the Research Assistant for the PIPPRA project.