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Research Clusters

We have three key research clusters that bring together academic staff, researchers from across the University along research students with shared research interests.  The research clusters have strong alliances and build collaborations with partners locally, nationally, and internationally, which enhances the research support structures available to all members.

Supportive & Palliative Care

Our aim is to participate in interdisciplinary research which addresses the palliative care needs of people with chronic illness and end of life care needs. Our research will impact on policy and practice in order to enhance person centred and quality care.

Participate in interdisciplinary research that addresses the palliative care needs of people with chronic illness and undertake research related to end of life care, develop the capacity and capability in palliative care research and adopt participatory approaches to palliative care research where appropriate.

Women, Child & Family Health

Our aim is to strengthen and build research capacity within the area of women’s and children's health and to enhance the health & wellbeing of women, children and their families through the conduct of ethical research.

We will undertake research in partnership with key stakeholders which has a positive impact on women and children’s’ health and contribute to the knowledge development which informs practice.


Ageing, Mental Health & Intellectual Disability

Our aim is to undertake and disseminate high quality national and international, interdisciplinary and collaborative research that is both responsive and influential to contemporary health and social care practice, policy and education.

Our research centres on promoting independence, quality of life and active participation in society. We do this through engaging the public in research focused on person centeredness and applied translational research.