AvTrach (Tracheostomy) which is designed to replicate an anterior thorax so tracheostomy care can be accurately replicated in simulation. Holly demonstrated how through a Bluetooth connection between the AvTrach wearable and the Avkin app, lung sounds like wheezing and crackling can be changed at any time by the controller of the technology.

AvStick (IV) This is a wearable IV simulator worn as an arm sleeve allowing students to practice IV insertion. The AvStick alerts the wearer acting as a live patient through vibration when the cannula is inserted into the ‘smart skin’. Its design includes several layers of woven plastic which have been integrated into silicone to protect the wearer from being pierced during the practice of simulation.

AvTone (Auscultation) This wearable is the only of its kind globally. The lightweight designed chest piece allows students at all levels to use stethoscopes to identify differing heart and lung issues.

AvCath (Catheterisation) is a wearable urinary catheterisation simulator that imitates the urinary system. The male and female organs allow students to simulate several types of urinary catheterisation.

AvBirth (Labour and Birthing) Also the only of its kind in the world, the AvBirth is a wearable birthing simulator that pairs with the Avkin App, allowing a multitude of simulations to be performed, including additional challenges for the development of critical thinking, such as shoulder dystocia or postpartum haemorrhage.

A huge thank you to Holly and her colleague Ian for their very informative presentation and for allowing the team to try out the wearables for themselves.