University Maternity Hospital Limerick


University Maternity Hospital Limerick

University Maternity Hospital Limerick opened in 1960.  The Hospital is a stand-alone Maternity Hospital and is the sole provider of obstetric, midwifery and neonatology services in the Midwest region. The Hospital serves the counties of Limerick, Clare and Tipperary North and services a population of approximately 380,000 people.

The University Maternity Hospital is a tertiary referral unit and houses 83 Obstetric Beds and 19 neonatal cots, seven birthing rooms, two operating theatres, a 24-hour admission room, two post-natal wards and one antenatal ward. In addition there are outpatient facilities including antenatal clinics, outreach antenatal clinics, ultrasonography services, physiotherapy services, parent education classes and a colposcopy service.  A post-natal community midwifery service facilitates early discharge and selective visiting up to eight days post-discharge within a confined catchment area.

In 2012, there were 4,901 live births, 6,648 obstetric admissions and 926 admissions to the neonatal unit. In addition, there were 30,369 new and 13,479 review outpatient attendances respectively in 2012.

UMHL is a clinical placement site for midwifery and medical school training, and is affiliated to the University of Limerick. The faculty and staff to support for the students on Clinical Placements in UMHL are located in the hospital. For more information please see the Clinical Academic Liaison Faculty and Support Staff.