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Non - EU Exchange Students

Non EU Exchange

UL has non-EU exchange partnerships with approximately 90 universities worldwide. Students may apply for an academic placement in any of these institutions instead of an Erasmus placement in an EU university.

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5 Tips for surviving UL
Moving to a new city can be super difficult, and often feel like you are completely starting over - Here are some suggestions and tips for living life at UL!
Reflecting upon my time in Limerick
I got to meet some amazing people, Irish and internationals, I got to share my love for music with some of the most talented individuals I have met, I got to learn from and co-create with my classmates, I laughed and cried, and then laughed some more.
My first week at UL
The sound of the waves crashing along the sharp rocks, the warmth of the sun on my face, the wind whipping furiously around me. Basking in the warmth and my surroundings, I felt at peace.
Five tips for enriching your international friendships
Food is a language that we can all speak, and so is hospitality. Why not combine the two, and have an international food night with your friends?