Expense Entry Tips

Note the Expenses system is a module of the University's ERP financial system and is held within the UL network for access and security reasons:

  • Use either the Forticlient or WVD access route to log into ERP Expenses system; (ITD Guidance Blended / Hybrid Working - UL| SSP (topdesk.net) )
  • Remember to load your receipts on to OneDrive before you start your expense claim.  Give them sensible names such as hotel/flight/restaurant (not receipt 1/2/3) so that you can find, upload and match them easily.
  • If you have multiple lines in your claim best advice is to save as Draft every few lines to avoid any issues with weak technology connections.
  • If you have any issues with your browser or screen, try using a different browser - Edge or Chrome tend to work better but remember you can clear your cache to improve their use.

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