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Procurement within the University is subject to legislative requirements of EU Procurement Directives and enforceable under Irish Law.

Procurement is part of the Finance Department and our role is to help departments maximize value for money in the purchase of goods and services in the University.  The Head of Procurement co-ordinates the formulation and dissemination of the Procurement Strategy for the University over the whole range of non-pay spend. All the information and guidance needed to perform day-to-day procurement activities is set out in the Procurement Policy and we advise that staff familiarise themselves with this policy before purchasing goods and services.

The function of the Procurement Office includes managing the non-pay spend for the University by running tendering activities and awarding supply and services contracts and ensuring all low value procurements are made in line with procurement best practice and adhere to Treaty Principles of Non Discrimination, Equal Treatment, Transparency, Mutual Recognition and Proportionality

The Procurement Office provides the professional procurement services:

  • Provide advice and assistance to management and staff on procurement matters which will enable departments to follow best practice, realize benefits and achieve value for money when procuring goods and services
  • Provide guidance and information on contractual matters; terms and conditions, grant conditions of awarding bodies and EU/any relevant legislation
  • Advice in respect of outsourcing
  • Supply and deliver Procurement training to staff, enabling them to have the skills appropriate for the financial level and strategic impact of their purchases
  • Educate Suppliers on how to conduct business with the University
  • Develop and implement efficient processes for eProcurement and monitoring performance
  • Manage the roll out of contracts emanating from the Office of Government Procurement (OGP)

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