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All funds coming into the University, apart from Student fees, are managed by the Accounts Receivable office (AR Office), within the Finance Department.

The University has received full Tax Clearance from the Irish Revenue Office .

Our registered details are as follows:

Applicant Name: University of Limerick, Tax Reference Number: 6609370G, Access Number: 789231

Accounts Receivable Forms

The Accounts Receivable Office are responsible for the following:

Cash or cheques should be submitted to the AR Office, with a completed cheque/cash receipt form, quoting the account code and cost centre to which it is to be credited.  This should be done on a daily basis. A receipt will be issued to the departments for all monies received.

Cash should be taken to the AR Office by hand - never posted.
Cheque/Cash receipt forms available on request from the AR Office.



The Accounts Receivable Office should be informed of any direct lodgements made to the Bank to ensure that all receipts can be clearly identified.

Please forward remittance advices/notifications of payment to the Accounts Receivable Office.

The University uses a centralised Sales Invoicing and Debtor Management System.

Sales orders are created by each Department online, these Sales Orders are work flowed to the Finance Office (Research Finance or Accounts Receivable Office) for approval.  Approved Sales Orders are converted to Sales Invoices daily and issued directly from UL’s debtors system to Customers via email and also to the staff member initiating the Order.

The Debt management procedure is available at ‘Procedure on Invoicing and Collection of Debtors’. 

All debtors’ data is held on one central database and used for UL’s Sales Invoicing process, Debt Collection, Recording and Reporting.  A training guide and eLearning video are available on the Finance Website -  Finance Training

All debtors receive statements of account on a monthly basis.

Please note that the University is upgrading its Accounts Receivable system to electronically issue invoices and statements via email to our Customers (Debtors) from 1st March 2017. 

Paper based invoices and statements will be discontinued from this time.

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