Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick Cllr Daniel Butler presenting Dr McMahon with her award in recognition of her work in community & mental health.
Tuesday, 9 April 2019

On Monday, April 1 Daniel Butler, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick held a Mayoral Reception at City Hall to honour Dr Jennifer McMahon for her work in the area of mental health and contributions to the city. Dr McMahon is a lecturer in Psychology & Inclusive Education in the School of Education, UL and has worked in the field of mental health for almost 15 years.

Dr McMahon chaired the Limerick Mental Health Association in a voluntary capacity for the last five years, having been involved with the organisation for almost ten years. During that time, she led the organisation to huge success with notable achievements in developing strong governance structures and recruiting highly talented people to the organisation. Described as

a connector and innovator, she is known across the city of Limerick and beyond as a bridge builder in the area of mental health and as someone who sees solutions, not problems.

Speaking of Dr Jennifer McMahon, Ms. Claire Flynn of the Limerick Mental Health Association, said: “She is a true leader and as a woman she inspires me and encourages me”.

Dr McMahon is also well known for her contribution to mental health services such as Jigsaw, recovery initiatives of the HSE and the Limerick City Community Development Project (CDP), in both a voluntary and professional capacity.

Dr McMahon was recognised alongside with two other women on the night, Sr. Helen Culhane of the Children’s Grief Project and musician Emma Langford. Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick, Cllr Daniel Butler described these three women as leaders who will inspire future leaders from our young people.

The mayor concluded by saying:

“We should listen to what they have to say and more importantly how they say it. It all comes from a place that wants to make their city a better place looking for nothing in return. In a time our city is in transition these three women have their fingers on the pulse of that change and we must follow them and support them to continue to be the great voices they are for our city". 

Dr McMahon was also the UL community award recipient in 2017