etwinning policy guide snapshot cover
17 Jan 2024

Spotlighting the potential of the eTwinning programme

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UL soe Logo w/Mary
17 Jan 2024

Empowering Educators: MaMLiSE E-Learning Platform Tailored for Diversity

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Article title
26 May 2023

Multilingual practices in school and home environments co-authored by Dr Mary Masterson and Dr Angela Farrell along with colleagues from Poland and Germany

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French Embassy
24 May 2023

Supporting Modern Foreign Language Teaching: Embassy of France in Ireland and UL Foundation Scholarship Award Ceremony 2023

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image shows UL campus
25 Aug 2020

School of Education research highlights educational inequalities facing transgender youth

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Autumn view of campus
21 Dec 2019

John Coolahan Research Support Funding

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UL Campus
21 Nov 2019

John Coolahan Research Support Framework

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Main campus drive lined with trees
18 Nov 2019

University of Limerick Academic Wins National Teacher Research Innovation Award

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Dr Timothy Murphy, Lecturer in Educational Research and Policy, presenting at the Teacher Education Policy (TEPE) Conference 2019, Krackow, Poland.
24 May 2019

Teacher Education Policy (TEPE) Conference 2019

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Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick Cllr Daniel Butler presenting Dr McMahon with her award in recognition of her work in community & mental health.
09 Apr 2019

UL Lecturer receives city honour

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