The CIRG is a research group affiliated with the 4i centre of research. The group have a research programme that focuses upon the diagnosis and management of mental disorders in the physically ill and includes collaborations with centres in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, and India. The group currently have Health Research Board and All-Ireland Institute of Palliative Care-funded projects addressing the use of computer-assisted technologies for assessment of cognition in hospitalised populations and is led by Prof David Meagher, Professor of Psychiatry in the UL School of Medicine.

The PHR Unit was established in the School of Medicine by Professor Anne MacFarlane. The unit is inter-disciplinary, with members from biostatistics, general practice, physiotherapy, psychology, sociology and speech and language therapy. We work in partnership with community, academic, health service planners and policy stakeholders. We are national and international leaders in PPI in primary healthcare research and development projects. We have specific expertise in participatory health research with socially excluded communities. Our aim is to conduct research with a strong PPI component and, also, to contribute to the evidence about PPI and its impacts. We compliment this with health services research about access to healthcare and research about healthcare reform.

In addition, the unit is leading PPI in the Health Research Institute (HRI) at University of Limerick. The focus is on capacity building to promote excellence in PPI at UL, Ireland and abroad. PPI was launched as a sub-theme of the HRI in January 2016, with Anne MacFarlane as theme lead.

Participatory Health Research Group

The Partnership for Health Equity (PHE) is a unique collaboration of clinicians, medical educators, social scientists and healthcare policy makers and planners. The PHE is co-funded by University of Limerick, North Dublin City G.P Training Programme and the HSE’s Social Inclusion & Primary Care Services. The aim of the PHE is to improve access to primary healthcare for marginalised groups, including homeless persons, drug users, travellers, migrants and others.

Sláinte Research Group are an enthusiastic and ambitious group of clinicians, researchers and teachers who want to contribute to the development of general practice, primary care and public health in Ireland and internationally with research of international standing. They are proud of the fact that their research impacts not only on individual patient care but also on regional and national health policy. 

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