All three UL School of Medicine teams
Thursday, March 23, 2023

The National SimWars competition took place on Saturday, 11th March and was hosted by the Emergency Society at RCSI and RCSI Sim in their state-of-the art facility in Dublin.

The UL School of Medicine team “TBI Friday’s” won the competition and were named National Champions: Connor Pires (Y1), Eoin Donnellan (Y2), Aoife Tonna-Barthet (Y4), Reem Hashem (Y3), Eva Twomey (Y2) and Mary Beth Brown (Y1).

Congratulations to “Spleens of the Stone Age” who finished overall 3rd in the competition: Spleens of the Stone Age Catherine Barrington (Y4), Shivani Lohit (Y3), Jasmine Blenkins-O'Callaghan (Y2), Naushin Chowdhury (Y3), Janai Puckett (Y2), Michael Seabrooke (Y4).

Pictured are all three UL School of Medicine teams that took part including The Real Sim Shadys featuring Orla Coleman (Y4), Michael Pantermarakis (Y4), Chantal Asselin (Y4), Kimberly Davy (Y3), Joel Abraham (Y2) and Rebecca Ng (Y2). Also pictured Dr Ammar Ahmed, CSTEM and SimWars Tutor and Dr Mike McElligott, UHL Intern and SimWars Co-ordinator (back left) and Dr Alan Watts, Consultant in Emergency Medicine (UHL) and Senior Lecturer in Emergency Medicine (UL) (back right).

The National SimWars competition was record-breaking this year and featured 20 teams from all 7 medical schools on the island of Ireland, over 115 medical and nursing students and a multidisciplinary judging panel including pre-hospital personnel, NCHDs in EM training, senior nursing staff and Consultants in EM.

This is the third win for UL SoM having previously won in 2020 and 2021.