Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Contact: Prof Aedin Culhane -

Liquid Biopsy: Frontier of Cancer Detection and progression monitoring

Nov 1st at 12:30pm

Lunch at 12:30pm, Seminar starts at 1pm


This hybrid event will introduce researchers, clinical staff, students, LDCRC members and oncology staff to next generation in cancer. It will focus on the sequencing of cancer cell DNA that can be detected in blood. Circulating tumour (ct) DNA are small fragments of DNA released by cancer cells that can be detected in bloodstream of patients. Sequencing this DNA in the blood provides non-invasive information about the genetics of a patients tumour. Blood tests for cancer (or liquid biopsies) is a rapidly developing diagnostic that can be applied in early diagnosis and for monitoring a patient during treatment. It can allow doctors to detect changes in cancer DNA that might be predict emerging drug resistance or tumor progression. Students from non-science faculties and patients are welcome to attend but the seminar will be directed at researchers and clinicians who are interested in using the LDCRC sequencing faculty and assumes a basic biological and genetic knowledge.


This event is organized by the Limerick Digital Cancer Research Center who launched their Next Generation Sequencing and Single Cell Core Facility in July which provides short and long read sequencing, spatial pathology and the seahorse metabolic assays