Welcome to 4i

UL's Centre for Interventions in Infection, Inflammation & Immunity (4i) brings together like-minded researchers from across the University and distributed clinical campuses, in addition to the General Practice network affiliated with UL School of Medicine. The Centre provides the vision, sense of identity, support and guidance that enables existing and new researchers as they continue to contribute to medical knowledge.


Researchers from this Centre determine the effectiveness of interventions, and establish the safety, cost-effectiveness & acceptability of those interventions. These interventions focus on translational research and on the integration of biomedical and clinical research in primary and secondary care.


Our clinical and laboratory programmes develop new insights into the underlying mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions and develop novel strategies to prevent or treat infectious diseases.


The acute phase response, to deal with tissue damage and infection, is diverse. Our researchers investigate processes ranging from acute inflammation associated with microbial infection of the skin through to chronic processes involved in atherosclerosis, respiratory, arthritis, and gastrointestinal diseases.


Clinical and laboratory investigations of specific and non-specific components of the host (human) response to challenges.