What Do I Study At UL?

I love the campus, the third-year coop is a big help for getting a job after college and from what I saw offered in colleges it seemed like it offered the most practical experience.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For Me?

While over the first 3 years I was able to meet everyone in campus and catch up with everyone. Due to covid I work and study online which is different but suits my career as I can finish a lecture and hop straight to a work meeting. I do miss the campus though.

My Experience On Cooperative Placement?

I enjoyed my work experience with cloudassist it was fully online which was handy and meant I never had trouble getting home for lunch, I couldn’t blame traffic for being late was the only drawback. I got part time work over the final year and was given full funding of Microsoft products through them as well.

What's My Favorite UL Memory?

My favorite memory in UL is hard to pin point as I’ve enjoyed the experience overall but I think it would be the time we were in rag week when the sun was shining the music was playing and the atmosphere was electric.

Why Should You Consider Studying Mobile Communications & Security At UL?

I feel its given me a well rounded knowledge of computers, the networks they leverage and how to think about computers in a more productive way. I have also found that there are good opportunities for work and it rewarding to help ensure company’s security.