When Did I Study At UL?

From 1997-2005. During that time, I took a B.Eng. in computer engineering and a PhD in Industrial communication in the ECE department. 

What's My Favourite Memory?

This is hard to answer – there were many great times and I have many fond memories from my time at UL. If I pick one, it is graduation day. There is a great sense of ceremony with the carrying of the mace and the presence of the lecturers in their robes, and not to mention good celebrations after Where now? Since leaving UL, I’ve worked in Norway and the Middle East for large automation companies in a variety of roles: from R&D, Product management to setting up a non-profit tech organisation. In 2018, I joined Cognite www.cognite.com – a start-up software company based in Oslo with a mission to liberate industrial data and free human creativity. It is a fascinating environment with an incredibly broad range of people focused on delivering the mission. I am VP of Industry Solutions at Cognite. 

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For Me?

There is not too much repetition in my days, but there is definitely a red thread of people and technology. I am really happy that I get to work with bleeding edge tech, but also really fortunate that I get the opportunity to build the partnerships and ecosystem that will see its adoption. For me, a good day at work involves industry, collaboration and new ideas. Based in Norway, I am fortunate to have a workday that also fits around my kids.

Why Should You Consider Studying Electronic And Computer Engineering At UL?

I have held a variety of roles in my career to date, all of which have leveraged parts of the knowledge or frameworks I learned at ECE. In my opinion, ECE studies really set you up for a solid understanding of the technological world (hardware and software) which is an incredibly valuable foundation on which to build a career. On a personal note, the vast majority of the lecturers I had in ECE (and some are still there from my time) were dedicated teachers and genuinely great people: this helps!