Feedback to date Semester 1 2020/21 on our online support sites (these were provided by students via our anonymous feedback form). All modules, where mentioned, have been given pseudonym of MA1234 and all tutor's names have been changed to 'Tutor name')

Very good tutorials, I find maths lectures tend to get far too unnecessarily complicated but The tutor brings everything right down to basics and far more understandable. Keep up the great work.


I've been accessing all of the MLC supports for my module (MA1234) and have found them to be of great help. I think the revision done on past exams before this weeks midterm was a fantastic idea and helped me massively.  Very happy with the support the MLC have been providing. Thank You!


The MLC like last semester has greatly helped me, I am currently studying MA1234 and each week I look forward to the tutor’s tutorials, they are informative , efficient and break down lecture content. I hope this service continues online in the future as it is very accessible and convenient.


I’ve done a few of the live group sessions over the last two weeks with the Tutor.  I have found them to be of great help and I finally feel like I’m understanding the maths we are doing in college. Everything is explained at a basic level and then built upon. Thanks for all the help so far and I’ll definitely be using this service in the future!


Very helpful because ye write down the solution. It’s great that the recordings are there to look back on. I think the mlc is perfect and I have no negatives about it


MLC gave me the confidence to believe I could do Maths


Extremely helpful. The tutor's explanations of the material is so much easier to understand hadn’t used the MLC before this semester but will now be definitely using it in the future! :)


If it wasn't for MLC videos, I would be failing MA1234. Videos are very detailed and explained very well.


The maths learning centre is the most useful thing available to any student doing maths! I personally would not have been able to understand the material in my maths module if it wasn’t for them. The tutor does the tutorials for MA1234 and she could not have been more helpful. I have often emailed her for help on questions and she is always so willing to help and explains things in a way that I can understand. I can not explain how helpful and valuable this site is for me. I love my online version. It’s very convenient to be able to rewatch the tutorials.


All I can say so far is that the MLC support tutorials for MA1234 have been very helpful. The 1-1 sessions are good too.


The overall delivery and presentation of Maths is very good and very helpful


MLC tutorials are brilliant, the tutor is fantastic for the MA1234 module, big help.


I found the videos (MA1234) very helpful for the test and would have been lost completely without them.


No feedback, but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the tutor's who’s support tutorials have kept me up to date with my course material. The mlc’s transition to online has gone really well and being able to watch back tutorials in my own time is very handy. Thanks guys!!


The content the MLC provides is absolutely fantastic. 


The system applied by the Maths centre has been of great help to me. I sincerely appreciate their effort


Very very Helpful (MA1234).


The Maths Learning Centre has been an extreme help to me and I appreciate every minute of the online support tutorials and would like to thank ye all for giving up your time to help us.


Great help anytime I need it


I found the MLC a magnificent support which I would safely say every student studying MA1234 this semester will agree on. The tutor is a brilliant teacher of the module and has really helped me achieve a good grade in the midterm


Past feedback prior to 2020

I did the Mature Student Access Course in UL two years ago and began an engineering degree last year. In that time the Maths Learning Centre has become by far the most important resource that I use as there is maths involved in all my modules. I'd go as far as to say I probably would have dropped out long ago if it weren't for their help. There are 250 people in my maths lectures and the pace can be a little fast for me. In the MLC there are usually two people working and sometimes, just a few students. I use the facility most days. Some days I might  have a specific question but quite often I sit in there and work on tutorial sheets or past exam papers and when I have a problem there's somebody there to help. On days where it's quiet, it's like having an hour or two of a private grind but instead of paying 40 euros an hour it's free! I would advise anybody who's struggling with Maths to check it out. No question is too big, too small or too stupid and they're all sound out up there.

1st year Engineering Student, 2018/19


I would be completely lost without this centre. I feel completely at ease in there and I don't feel like any of my questions are deemed silly! No matter how many times I ask them.

Anonymous student, 2018/19


I found all the staff very helpful, in particular, they was extremely helpful and I always felt better about maths after coming out of the MLC. Thank you to all.

1st year technology education student, 2018/19


Amazing service, great staff, helpful and great at explaining the subjects.

Certificate in Supply Chain Managment student, 2018/19


Wouldn't have made it to third year without the maths learning centre. Thanks!!!

3rd year Mathematics Education student, 2018/19


Life savers.

1st year Engineering student, 2018/19


Helpful for those poorer at Maths as they go through it slower.

2nd year Engineering student, 2018/19


They're very kind and helpful and I feel very comfortable asking them for help with even the simplest of tasks.

1st year Science student


The extra classes are very helpful and help to reduce stress with this module. The online SULIS midterm videos are also a great idea. Tutors are very friendly and approachable.

1st year Science student