The DPTC aims to be the “Leading Technology Centre for Dairy Processing and Innovation, driving Irish Dairy Processors to become Global Market Leaders of Sustainable Quality Dairy Ingredients”. 

A collaborative research initiative between leading Irish research-performing organisations and Irish dairy processing companies, the DPTC addresses common sectoral and industrial challenges for a sustainable future. 

Building on the success of Phase 1 (2015-2020), the DPTC’s research programme takes a holistic, integrated “Total Process Chain” approach to excellence in dairy processing. The framework consists of two interconnected, competency-based "Research Focus Areas" and a supporting ‘Enabling Platform’: 

  1. RFA 1: Milk Composition Driven Adaptive Processing 
  2. RFA 2: Sustainable Milk Processing 
  3. Dairy Process and Engineering Test Bed 

The DPTC harnesses expertise from world-class academics across multiple RPOs in Ireland and works closely with its industry partners to deliver research and solutions that are both impactful and industrially relevant. 

The challenges faced by DPTC’s partners are supported by the Associate Membership Model, which facilitates the delivery of the research programme, technology transfer of research outputs to industry, and identification of new and novel ideas. 



The DPTC has a breadth of expertise across process engineering, dairy science, PAT and chemometrics; industry 4.0; modelling and data analytics; digital twin; waste valorisation and sustainable processing, enabling the DPTC to be world experts in: 

  • Process development. 
  • Efficiencies and cost competitiveness. 
  • Product innovation for value. 
  • Environmental sustainability – 
      towards a zero-emissions dairy industry. 

Research performed by:

  • University of Limerick 
  • Teagasc 
  • University College Dublin 
  • University College Cork 
  • University of Galway 
  • Trinity College Dublin 

Industry Members are:

  • Arrabawn Co-op
  • Carbery Group
  • Dairygold Co-op
  • Kerry Group
  • Lakeland Dairies
  • Tirlán,
  • Tipperary Co-op.