Semester Timetable

Your timetable will be available at from a little before the start of semester


Sociology Booklet

The Departmental Undergraduate Booklet gives you lots of relevant information



Most lecturers will make information available, and ask for submission of assignments through our Learning Management System


Plagiarism Policy

The Department has a strict policy about plagiarism. Please take time to read and understand the Departmental Plagiarism Policy Statement before you hand in any material for assessment.


Essay/Assignment/Project Declaration

Students are required to include with all essay, assignment and project submissions, a declaration that the work is their own.

Policy on Late Submission of Assignments

Department of Sociology, ULPolicy on Late Submission of Assignments

Students are required to submit assignments by the due deadline set by the Department of Sociology, using the submission procedure specified for that assignment.

What penalties are imposed if this deadline is missed?

Where an extension has not been agreed in advance, or where a student submits an essay after the agreed extensions has expired, the Department will impose a penalty for late submission. For the first day that elapses between the expiration of the deadline and the receipt of the work by the Department, 5 percentage points will be deducted from the student’s mark for that assignment. Assignments received after the 24 hour period has lapsed will attract a mark of zero.

How can students apply for an extension?

The Department may at its discretion and for good cause sanction an extension to individual students. In order to be granted an extension, students will be required to present a medical certificate or other evidence of a compelling reason for late submission. This must be in writing.

In the first instance, students seeking an extension should contact the staff member who is convenor of the relevant module. On submission of the assignment, the written authorisation for an extension should be attached to any such late assignments.

When should students apply for an extension?

Students can apply for an extension a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the deadline by submitting a written request by e-mail for such an extension. This is so that students can be informed in writing prior to the assignment deadline whether or not the extension has been granted.

What about further extensions?

On a discretionary basis, the department may allow further extensions.

Further Study and Careers information

Options for further study and careers for sociologists are broad. This booklet discusses some of the possibilities.