Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro is a fourth- year English Ph.D student at the University of Limerick. Sandrine’s research employs theoretical frameworks associated with the field of postcolonial studies to read the environmental crisis unfolding in Africa using literature and art from an Africanist cultural perspective.

Project Title

Weathering the Anthropocene: Writing the future in Contemporary African Cultural Texts. 

Project Description 

My work reads cultural texts like fiction, autobiography, film, and photography to illuminate how contemporary Africanist artists address ongoing environmental issues like extractivism, drought and pollution in different regions across the African continent.


Dr Yianna. Liatsos

Awards & Honours

She is a recipient of the Irish Research Council postgraduate scholarship 2022-2023.

She is also the founder and co-editor in chief of Unapologetic a multidisciplinary, literary, cultural, and artistic response to the social issues and creative opportunities of contemporary Ireland. 

Bachelor & Master of Arts from the University of Limerick.


Sandrine has published various works on race, identity, and Anthropocene.

She has book chapters on the topic of Black Irish culture, and Black environmentalism.


Ndahiro, S. ‘Everyday Environmentalism: Navigating hell on earth in African films’ presented at  European conference on African studies, Cologne (June 2023). 

Ndahiro, S. ‘Bearing witness to climate impact in African literature using Wangari Maathai’s Unbowed’ presented at Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Limerick (May 2023). 

Ndahiro, S. ‘Seeing the future: environmental awareness through African films’ presented at  Black Environmentalism, Yale University (October 2022).  

Ndahiro, S. ‘Re-defining uninhabitability in Niger Delta using a postcolonial lens’ presented at Habitability and Empire, University College Dublin (June 2022).  

Ndahiro, S. ‘A postcolonial reading of Helon Habila Oil on Water” presented at the  47th Annual Meeting of the African Literature Association (May 2022). 

Ndahiro, S. ‘Environmental degradation and futurity in Niger Delta’ presented at the Delta Futures: (In)Visibilities in Audiovisual Culture, Durham University (March 2022).  

Ndahiro, S. ‘Race and Ethnicity in the Irish Cultural Context’, presented at the Books Beyond Boundaries NI in Ulster University (January 2022).  

Olufunmilayo. J, Ogoro, M & Ndahiro, S., ‘BLM in Ireland: A corpus analysis of the reporting of the 2020 Irish BLM protests’ presented at the ISPP 2021Annual Meeting (July 2021). 

Ndahiro, S.‘ African temporalities a consideration’ presented at the Shannon Region Postgraduate Researcher Conference (May 2021). 

Ndahiro, S. ‘Futurity and climate change in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, presented at  the American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting (April 2021).  

Ndahiro, S. ‘Futurity and post colonialism in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart’, presented at African Research Day Ireland (December 2020).  

Ndahiro, S.‘Animality in the narrative afterlife on the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis’, presented at the  Limerick Postgraduate Research Conference (May 2019). 

Professional Memberships

African Scholars Association Ireland – Member. 

American Comparative Literature Association -Member.  

Limerick Movement Against Racism – Founding member.  

Women in Research IE – Member.  

Midwest Migrant Community Network – Member. 

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