Donal Ryan
Tuesday, 26 March 2024

O'Mahonies Books: In Heart, Be at Peace Donal Ryan picks up the twenty-one voices from The Spinning Heart ten years on, in 2019.

Small-town Ireland is a different place, the economy having recovered from the economic crash that served as a backdrop to the events in that book. Now the work is back, the dramas have all seemingly died down, the dark days of recession and struggle are over.

But a new menace is creeping around the lakeshore and the lanes of the town, old grudges are festering and new ones are rising, and the peace of the community is about to be shattered in an unimaginable way. Young people are being drawn towards the promise of fast money whilst the generation above them tries to push back the tide of an enemy none of them can touch.

Due for publication in Mid-August 24

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