We are currently developing a new project: L-Pop 'Musically Mapping Limerick'. 

As well as documenting and curating memorabilia, engaging in archival research, and interviewing musicians, fans, venue owners, promoters, etc. about the music scene in the city past and present, we are also going to track national and international solo artist/band visits to Limerick and find ways to mark these sites across the cityscape, physically and virtually.  

We intend to create a map that can be used by tourists and locals alike, and eventually, find a dedicated, interactive space where the rich music heritage of Limerick can be celebrated on a permanent basis.  In the coming months we will be putting a city-wide (and beyond) call out to anyone interested in speaking with us.

We're also having our first research event in September 2018 when we're hosting three international experts who have worked on popular music mapping projects and will illustrate some of the best practices in this area arising from their experiences. We're hoping that anyone with a vested interest in mapping the popular music scene in Limerick will become involved in this project as it grows from here on out.