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The Brian Faloon Prize is awarded to the student, who in the opinion of the Department of History, submits the best Final Year Project. The prize is in honour of Brian Faloon (d. 2008) who was the founding member of the History faculty at the University of Limerick. The value of the award is 150 euro.


  1. All Final-Year Projects (FYPs) that receive a first class honours grade (A1, A2) will be automatically considered for the prize.
  2. If no FYP reaches the qualification, the award will not be made.
  3. Only one prize will be offered in any year.
  4. The Head of Department and a sub-committee of two faculty members, nominated annually by the Head of Department, shall determine the prize.
  5. The recipients will be recorded in the Department booklet and any other publicity deemed appropriate.


Past Winners



Sarah Nunan 'The sun darkened by the shadow of an old woman': Madame de Maintenon's role in demythologising Louis XIV'.


Ciara Sheehan, 'Hexes and Hexen: an investigation of the relationship between Hexenprozesse and Hexenzeitungen through case studies of Bamberg and Würzburg, 1600-32'.


Rachel Beck, ‘Making a home in a cold house?  Methodists in a changing Ireland, 1900-32’.


Aidan Thornton, 'Frederick the great and the First Silesian War: an attack influenced more by rushed opportunism or strategic caltulation'


Michaela Bruton, 'A study of women in Kerry, 1914-1923'


Lynda Ganly, '"These, these were heroines, every one" the dissenting voices of female activists during the erosion of women's rights in early twentieth century Ireland'


Cliona Purcell, 'Throwing off the "mighty incubus": Irish municipal revolution and the development of the Waterford Corporation, 1828-40'


David O’Dea, ‘Rebels or Revolutionaries: The turbulent rise of Sinn Féin in Ireland, 1917

Leona Armstrong – ‘The forgotten voices of Killeeneen Cumann na mBan in the 1916 Easter Rising in Galway’


Gerald Maher, 'The anatomy of success: the IRA and the Sramogue ambush, a reassessment'


Mary C. Mulvihill, ʻAn examination of Irish agony aunt advice columns and their usefulness in identifying the changes and transformations which occurred in the lives of Irish women between the years 1960-90ʼ


Charlotte McMahon, Cardinal Richelieu: Father of Absolutism or Godfather of Misrule?’


Ruth Ní Chatháir, ‘The Ulster Women’s Unionist Council: an examination of its work and influence in Northern Ireland Politics, 1911-40’

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