Certificate Programmes

Enrolment for 2023-24 is now open.

Further details can be found at the Graduate and Professional Studies website.

In each programme lecturers aim to introduce the student to the analysis and understanding of the principal issues in an historical theme or question while tutorials and seminars aim to promote discussion, debate and analysis and to guide the student in reading, essay writing and research presentation. Modules are assessed through essays and projects completed during the semester and by examination at the end of the semester in which they are taught.

The study of history prepares the future graduate to be creative and imaginative, and to be analytical and to make balanced judgements. The student is prepared to participate in an engaged debate on the central issues in the development of human society.

While history results in the examination of people and events that are of interest the process - the activity - involves the student in a search for relevant evidence, sustained analysis of appropriate source material and the reconstruction of complex events. Thus history students acquire a range of valuable skills that prepares them for challenging and responsible jobs in industry, education and the public service.

Recent history graduates are making rewarding careers in journalism and broadcasting, publishing, the diplomatic and civil service, local government, independent research, policy analysis, and teaching. Regardless of the career path chosen, the person who has studied history should acquire an enhanced capacity for self-knowledge and for deeper understanding of human culture.

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The Head of Department is Dr. David Fleming
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