Managing Exam Stress

In this webinar, Hayley O'Gorman (Senior Student Counsellor) and Dr. Lucy Smith (Head of Counselling) talk through managing and coping with exam stress.

Culture Shock and Resilience Webinar

In this webinar, Hayley O'Gorman (Senior Student Counsellor) and Siobhán Clifford (previous Psychologist Assistant ) talk through the experience of Culture Shock, a very common experience that international students can experience, and how to build on resilience.

Stress Management, Resilience and Coping Strategies Webinar

In this webinar, Judy Moloney (previous Senior Student Counsellor) and Eimear Bane (previous Psychologist Assistant) talk about what stress is and how it impacts us, how we can build up our resilience and how to look after our wellbeing by using coping strategies.

Mental Health: Care of Yourself and Others Webinar

In this webinar, Orfhlaith McLoughlin (Deputy Head of the Counselling Service) and Siobhán Clifford (previous Psychologist Assistant) talk about what Mental Health is, how to look after yourself and how to look after others.

Online Learning Webinar

We have created this webinar to help equip you with skills to manage the difficult transition to online learning. This webinar covers psychoeducational information on anxiety and cognitive/behavioural strategies for managing anxiety related to this. This includes recognising the fight/flight response, beliefs about worry, control, challenging your thinking, organisational skills and relaxation.

If you are at risk / suicidal please immediately contact either the crisis liaison mental health team at the University Hospital Limerick (061 301111) or your local hospital, or your GP immediately. 

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