From time to time, the UL Counselling and Wellbeing Service supports recruitment for Ph.D. research at UL which is exploring some aspects related to mental health. Please consider taking part in the following research:

Eight weeks of free resistance exercise training

Our research group in the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Department at the University of Limerick examine the effects of resistance exercise training on mental health outcomes.

We are currently recruiting young women for 8-weeks of free resistance exercise training.

Psychological or emotional conditions are leading causes of disability among young adults in Ireland. The mental health benefits of exercise are well documented.

However, the majority of research has examined aerobic exercise.

This project will expand on previous research by examining the effects of resistance exercise training on mental health and well-being among young adult women, an at-risk, under-researched population.

Using data collected in this survey, it will also examine the relationship between exercise activity and mental health outcomes among all age-groups and sexes.

We are looking for:

  • Females aged between 18-35 years old.
  • Beginners to resistance exercise training.
  • Local to the UL area.

How to get involved

The following link includes a survey which screens for our current RET trial. We encourage survey responses from everyone. Additionally, there is an exciting opportunity for female UL students!

Are you new to resistance exercise training? Would you like the opportunity to avail of eight weeks of free:

  • Twice weekly, one-on-one resistance exercise training?
  • Fully supervised sessions in a safe controlled environment?
  • Beginner-friendly learning of basic lifts?

If you are interested in taking part, please email: (PhD researcher) (PhD researcher)


If you are at risk / suicidal please immediately contact either the crisis liaison mental health team at the University Hospital Limerick (061 301111) or your local hospital, or your GP immediately. 

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