Exploring the Use of Abstract Art as Real-Time Graphical Notation for Piano Performance

This FYP provides a detailed insight to a series of piano performances using real-time notation and graphical notation. The FYP discusses different works of abstract art, graphical notation and real-time notation, which are all large contributors and influences to the resulting performances and aesthetic of the FYP. The project aims to create a real-time graphical notation system for piano performance which is influenced by abstract artists and existing graphical notations. Analysing abstract art, graphical notation and real-time notation gave insight into the understanding of the thought process behind creating and implementing graphical notation into a real-time scoring system. They encouraged and helped me create my own real-time notation system which I could interact with and perform to. All the above topics gave important direction and influence to the resulting graphical scoring system and their performances. The FYP consists of a written report of influences, inspirations, research and documented process, along with my own scoring system and videoed performances of improvising with the real-time score. 

Keywords: graphical notation, real-time notation, piano performance, improvisation, abstract art  

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webpage: https://louisedurkan5.myportfolio.com/ 

Date Published:
Monday, 6 September 2021