A glove to give virtual reality users a true to life experience with touch

In recent years, the interest in Virtual Reality has risen significantly. The most popular industries that use Virtual Reality are video gaming and healthcare. Today’s Virtual Reality headsets have progressed a lot in terms of innovation and reliability. There is now a greater variety of Virtual Reality headsets in todays market than there has been in the past. The increase in the number of Virtual Reality platforms has resulted in having more affordable and portable ways of experiencing Virtual Reality. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a Virtual Reality device of your own. There are now far easier ways to interact with what you see inside the virtual world.


The reason I chose this particular project was because I have a great interest in Virtual Reality. The aim of this project is for the user of the data glove to have a true to life experience with ease and simplicity. The data glove will allow the user to achieve this inside the virtual world.
First, the user gets to see a few shapes. With the data glove, the user can touch, grab or throw one of the shapes. This is done when the use bends their fingers with the data glove on. While the user performs an attempt to grab the object, the user will get to sense the corners and sides of the shapes. After the user has grabbed or touched one shape, they would choose another shape and decide to drop the shape or throw it.
The experience is achieved when the wearer of the data glove reaches forward to pick up one of the shapes they see on the headset. The structure of the shapes will be evident on doing this giving them a true to life experience.

Date Published:
Tuesday, August 31, 2021