An app to encourage students recycle their used books with others

Student Name: Paula Cusack

Student ID: 15166333

Project Title: ‘Turn the Page’



‘Turn the Page’ is a collaborative consumption project which is designed to encourage students within the University to recycle their used college books with one another. The mobile application will allow students to list their used college books and sell them to other students in the University who need them but for one reason or another cannot otherwise acquire them. Those who wish to advertise their books on the application must take a picture of the book, state the price they wish to sell it for and the condition that the book is in. The advertisement will then appear on the for-sale section of the application for students to view. The two users can then discuss where on campus they would like to meet for the transaction to take place.



The process for the completion of this project involved many steps and my main goal was to keep the potential users and my target group which was students in the university as the main focus. The first steps involved were interviewing students within the university. To do this I asked some of my colleges within my own course and also recruited some other students from different courses. I used the information I gathered to give me an insight into what the main areas of concern and the features they felt were most important. Following this I then designed my low fidelity prototype. This paper prototype allowed me to sketch out each screen for my application to follow when designing it further on Adobe XD. After designing my high fidelity prototype, I then tested it with five of the interviewees to troubleshoot any errors or functionalities with them, this allowed me to fix these problems and to create my final working product.



The aim of this project is to:

  • Provide a way for students within the University of Limerick to buy and sell their used college books to one another
  • Reduce costs for students within the University of Limerick.
  • Encourage the use of second-hand books and reduce waste.
  • Allow students to see their books put to good use.
  • Create and design an easy to use mobile application.

This project was created with the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD

Date Published:
Tuesday, 31 August 2021