An Interactive Website To allow users to reflect on dietary choices

uTrition is a user-centered design project that allows users to test their dietary choices  through a series of questions. uTrition provides information to educate users on proper  dietary protocols. Users can then use this information to help them adhere to their goals  and find a balance between food and lifestyle choices.


From my user research, I learned that people often struggle to maintain new diets as they  are usually unsustainable over a long period of time. Drastic changes to their current  routine, eliminating entire food groups and misunderstanding of nutrition were some of  the common causes of diet failure, according to my research of existing literature and my  user studies. Allowing users to understand their diet habits can, in turn, improve their  relationship with food, and their approach to whatever goals they want to reach. By  encouraging users to make smaller, more achievable changes, uTrition can have a greater  impact on the user’s future decision making in relation to their diet and overall lifestyle.


My main objective for my project is to allow users to make better dietary choices through  the process of kinesthetic learning. Users answer a series of questions followed by  informative answers allowing them to reflect on their answers.
This nutrition tool seeks to provoke the misleading dietary world and show users that fad diets are just that. Many companies disguise the fact that every diet designed for weight  loss or gain is based around putting users in a caloric/energy deficit or surplus.

My design shows users that there is no secret to dietary goals, but understanding and implementing  the correct information to achieve their targets is all that’s necessary.

Date Published:
Tuesday, 31 August 2021