The Kemmy Business School (KBS) is a dynamic and innovative business school with the mission to be a business school that delivers an outstanding educational experience, is research active, internationalised and socially engaged, with an international reputation for specialist areas of expertise. Excellence in research is vital to the delivery of this mission, in order to ensure that the positive impact of KBS on our stakeholders and the economy is maximised.

KBS hosts over one hundred faculty and staff and almost 3,000 students, of whom more than 500 are postgraduates. Most of these are studying on our range of taught postgraduate programmes. The KBS Graduate Research Centre was established in 1993 to provide a dedicated home to our postgraduate research students, and to ensure they were able to access all the services and supports needed for their work. The Graduate Research Centre currently hosts more than 80 postgraduate students pursuing MBS and PhD degrees across a range of business disciplines.

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Course Title Duration
Masters/PhD in Accounting & Finance  2 - 4 Years 
Masters/PhD in Economics 2 - 4 Years 
Masters/PhD in Management and Marketing 2 - 4 Years 
Masters/PhD in Personnel & Employment Relations 2 - 4 Years 
Frances Shaw

I’m a PhD student in Finance in the Kemmy Business School. I graduated with a degree in Business Studies, majoring in Accounting and Finance and an MSc in Financial Service from UL. Nearing completion of my masters I began to think about doing a PhD. The MSc had introduced me to areas of finance that I knew I wanted to develop a deeper understanding and the PhD meant that I could continue to do so. My research focuses on empirical analysis of European fixed income derivatives. The research process can be extremely challenging, it is a lot of hard work but since beginning my PhD I have had the opportunity to publish my research and present it at a number of conferences which have been really rewarding experiences. I have also acted as teaching assistant on a number of modules which has given me great teaching experience. Choosing to do a PhD ensures that every day is varied and you can work at your own pace which gives great autonomy over your work.

I chose to do my PhD in the Kemmy Business School because of a combination of factors, the positive experience that I had during my degree and masters, the excellent level of supervision available and the facilities that the university offers. My supervisors are extremely approachable, are experts in their fields and are always available to offer advice when needed. As a finance student in the KBS I have access to the trading floor which is a fantastic resource for research. Doing a PhD was undoubtedly the best decision for me, if you enjoy the research process and are willing to put in the hard work it is unlikely that you will find a more fulfilling experience.

Frances Shaw